Super Easy to Use AlgoLaser Alpha 20W MK2 Smart laser engraver

1)Super Easy to Use Touch Screen

With built-in capacitive screen and 32G memory card, you can engrave and cut right out of the machine directly, without connecting to computer or phone.

2)Recovery After Interruption

Support recovery after unexpected power outages, emergency pauses, temporary job halts, avoiding redundant engraving tasks, wasted material and time.

3)Newly Upgraded Structure

The machine features a semi-enclosed mainframe, it keeps the internal components safe from dust, and it can be quickly installed in 15 minutes. Assemble tutorial

4)Super Powerful Cutting 20W Laser Module

With a spot size of only 0.15*0.12mm, it can handle pine wood cutting up to 30mm thickness, and black acrylic cutting up to 45mm thickness.

5)Amazing Engraving Effects for Various Materials

It offers you a broader range of material choices for your creations, and caters to a wide range of applications in the advertising industry and customized gift business.

6)Faster, Larger, More Efficient

Up to 20,000mm/min engraving speed and 400*400 work area, you can create a various -sized projects while allowing for batch operations.

7)Powerful Motherboard for More Professional Upgrade Needs

Dual CPU quad-core driven, with 8MB memory and 16MB storage onboard, along with a primary 32GB SD card, ensuring a stable machine operation. Upgraded 5G Wifi connection for a 200% increase in file upload speed and enhanced stability in transmission. Buy PDF Etsy: Materials: Instagram: Patreon: Paypal: Facebook: Blogspot: Twitter: Website: #DIY #LaserCutting #AlgoLaser


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