How to DIY Kakashi Anbu Mask - Cardboard Naruto Cosplay

Making Kakashi anbu mask from the manga Naruto part 1 . next i'll papermache it & a layer of clay or filler for sculpting. Both Child & Adult size pdf is available, links at the bottom of this page.

- cardboard
- surgical tape / masking tape
- hot glue gun
- newspaper
- paper towel
- wall filler plaster
- white glue
- ...

How to make Your Own Bleach Ichigo Hollow Mask (free PDF) - Completed

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PDF single:

5 sheet A4, 40 hours

original PDO by Rexxkentrix:

PDO credit: Rexxkentrix

items used: (click "items" page for details explanation)

Mod a Neje Laser Engraver - to engrave larger object

i want to laser engrave a chopping board for my friends at City Life Meal, but the machine i have only fit 4cm by 4cm, so i need to mod it so it can laser basically unlimited area, here's how i do it.

video about this machine:
post about this machine:

How to Make Deadpool Movie Mask

how to make deadpool mask - this is my 2nd deadpool mask, although the first mask was pretty cool, but not movie accurate, you can watch it here , this time i will try my best to make it closer to movie mask, enjoy!

- red stretchy fabric
- sewing machine (the one i used in my video is hand-powered machine)
- battery-powered mini sewing machine
- shoe glue
fabric scissors
- 3d printer
- newspaper
- pva white glue
- 2 part epoxy