How to Make Deadpool Movie Mask

how to make deadpool mask - this is my 2nd deadpool mask, although the first mask was pretty cool, but not movie accurate, you can watch it here , this time i will try my best to make it closer to movie mask, enjoy!
- red stretchy fabric
- sewing machine (the one i used in my video is hand-powered machine)
- battery-powered mini sewing machine
- shoe glue
fabric scissors
- 3d printer
- newspaper
- pva white glue
- 2 part epoxy
- mini glue gun
- laundry net/ mesh

Part 1:
Part 2:

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10 of My Favorite Marvel Avengers Projects

before i go watch infinity war, i need to recap...
why i don't make new marvel project? i have tried more than 10 related project over the years, many experiment & different techniques, i just don't want to repeat the same process, unless i find something interesting in the new movie :)
*also i desperately need the ads money, so i will jam as many ad in here as i can, enjoy!!

ironman helmet
ironman hand
captain america
thor helmet
black panther

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Power Rangers Helmet DIY (with new template)

How to make simplified power ranger?

Homemade Power Rangers Helmet for kids (4 & 6 yo) :)