Items Used

these are some of the similar items used in my video, you can also check this out :)

Circle Cutter
for cutting circle

air-dry modeling clay

Translucent Paint
to color clear plastic or lenses, see through

Can-Gun aka Spray Grip
attach to spray can, make spraying work slightly easy, but not a MUST.
before you buy this, they are 2 type of spray head, make sure it fit yours.

Spray Paint
i just used regular spray paint, you can use any other brand

Primer Spray Paint
make surface slightly more durable & slightly rain-proof

a type of rubber paint, good for covering surface texture & give it a rubbery feel, good for making semi-rigid cowl or mask.

Black Gloves

Paper Towel

White Mura Paint & Gesso
brush on to create texture & also slightly protect the surface

Wall Filler Plaster (powder or pre-mixed)
mix it with pva glue & water to peanut butter consistency

Tinting Spray
Nite-Shades Lens Cover Tint Translucent Black Paint Can, use it like any spray paint on transparent plastic

Tinting Film
window tinting film sticker, apply on glass or clear plastic surface like sticker

Binder Clip
good for temporary holding cardboard pieces together while waiting for glue to dry

PVA Glue
aka. white glue, school glue, elmer's glue, wood glue, you can simply dilute this glue with water

Single Corrugated Cardboard
you can also save all your shipping boxes while buying new tv, washing machine...

Mounting Board (on Amazon)
Mount board is traditional used for dry mounting of artwork for framing but many of these boards are used for model making. Black mount board is used by photographers or is also used by illustrators who prefer a black surface.

Hot Glue Gun & Refill
works on almost any surface, but not so much on fabric.

Glue Stick
this glue is save, not very sticky, peelable, good only for temporary sticking paper template to cardboard, peel remove easily.

Foam Camping Mat

Rubber Cement
this glue work best with foam & fabric, apply on both piece, wait for it to almost dried, connect the pieces.

Masking Tape

white mural paint & gesso:
masking tape:
mounting board:
wall filler plaster:
tinting spray:
tinting film:
binder clips:
pva white glue:
single corrugated cardboard:
hot glue gun:
hot glue stick:
glue stick:
camping mat foam:
rubber cement small:
rubber cement large:
paper towel:
black gloves long or short
craft foam sheet