1. How to print the single PDF? it is too small.
    you can't print directly from browser, you HAVE TO open the PDF from desktop, send to printer "Actual Size", sometime you need to select "Poster", your printer will slide it for you in any paper size you have :)
  2. How to resize the PDF template?
    open the PDF with image editing software, such as adobe illustrator or photoshop, enlarge/reduce it 10, 20%, then print actual size :)
  3. How to print PDF in other size paper (Letter)?
    download the single PDF, print "Actual Size". http://youtu.be/jWhXE9zq3Wg?t=13m30s :)
  4. How to resize pepakura template?
    watch this video :) http://youtu.be/jXOUqHODGRA
  5. Is these helmets wearable?
    yes, all wearable :)
  6. Why some template only has one (right) side?
    that's for more advanced builder (to save printing cost & cutting time), beginner can download "single" PDf to desktop, then go to STEP 1 :)
  7. Are these helmet life-size?
    yes, fit my head, see my measurements here :)
  8. How to measure my head?
    with a caliper tool, see homemade caliper :)
  9. What cardboard you used?
    i usually use brown single corrugated cardboard, see cardboard type :)
    Single Corrugated Cardboard
  10. Why don't you reply my comment?
    sorry sometime i overlooked your comment or that's no "reply" button below your comment, maybe you can change some setting to allow me to reply you :)
    or i don't have an answer :) http://youtu.be/rUlEoWDsWX0
  11. What is PVA glue?
    white glue, school glue, elmer's glue, wood glue :)

  12. Where to download Pepakura software?
    from tamasoft.co.jp, click to download Pepakura Viewer & Pepakura Designer :)
  13. Can I build this using EVA foam?
    yes, you can. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qDlNMMn9c8k :)
  14. How to scale template? by Tim Ber (youtube)
    1) Find Template's Size in millimeters. They usually say the size somewhere and what the size is based on; usually it's width from ear to ear or circumference being the "crown" of your head that seem to be the most common scales templates go by.
    2) Find your corresponding measurements (whatever the template size is set by, width or circ) in mm.
    3) Find Value: 100x(head measurement in mm)=Value.
    4) Now divide value by template size: Value/Template Size (mm)=Print Percentage.
    5) Open .pdf file in Adobe Reader. File -> Print. Set Page Scaling to "Tile all pages." Then adjust Tile Scale, which is the Print Percentage you found.

    Example, using Dali DIY's cardboard head template:
    1) Template Size: 170 mm.
    2) Head's width, ear to ear: 165 mm.
    3) Finding the value: 100x165=16500.
    4) 16500/170= about 97. Thus, 97%.
    5) Open .pdf file in Adobe Reader. File -> Print. Set Page Scaling to "Tile all pages." Then adjust Tile Scale, 97%. Adjust based on materials/desire. Thicker cardboard? Want to paper mache? Cut off a few percents.