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Cheap PUBG Toy Helmet

This is a cheap not so accurate PUBG -ish plastic toy helmet. 

- EVA foam mat
- Craft foam sheet
- Shoe glue
- 3D printer
- Acrylic paint

This airbrush & compressor was sent to me by GearBest. Apparently i'm not a fine artist, i don't have much experience in airbrushing, i just need a cheap airbrush for my projects.

$100 NEJE DK - BL1500mw 550 x 550 Pixel Laser Engraver  -  BLACK

this machine provided by GearBest, more offer from GearBest:

MYRIWELL RP - 100B 3D Doodle Pen
coupon: DaliLopen price:$33.99

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