How to Make Deadpool Movie Mask Costume (PDF Template)

how to make deadpool mask - this is my 2nd deadpool mask, although the first mask was pretty cool, but not movie accurate, you can watch it here , this time i will try my best to make it closer to movie mask, enjoy!

- red stretchy fabric
- sewing machine (the one i used in my video is hand-powered machine)
- battery-powered mini sewing machine
- shoe glue
fabric scissors
- 3d printer
- newspaper
- pva white glue
- 2 part epoxy

- mini glue gun
- laundry net/ mesh
- 1mm foam sheet
- rubber cement
- acrylic paint

Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:

help me to translate this video:

Free Single PDF:
Paid Ready to Print PDF:
Faceshell STL (FYI, i'm very bad in 3d, so print this at your own risk):