XCoser Deathstroke Cosplay Costume - Test Fitting

Test Fitting XCOSER Deathstroke Costume. Been making costume & prop for long time, but this is the first time I put on a complete costume, head to toe.

product page: https://goo.gl/KLnfdw
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  • need some labeling & ikea style instruction manual
  • i'm a size L, but i asked them to send me a XL, because i know i want to customize it in the later video.
    *if you're planning to wear this as it is, go ahead order your regular size.
  • black pants & shirt came with the package (mask, eye patch & belt not included)
  • i want to put this on without help, so attach (4 snap fastener) the shoulder pieces to the chest first
  • waist is too loose, additional velcro to tighten (white)
  • looking at the reference picture, i need an extra pouch on the left thigh, maybe i can take one from the belt in the future.
  • this gauntlet is extremely large, i can fit my batman gauntlet in deathstroke gauntlet, need to mod it later, also need to add straps to the elbow
  • boots & prop weapon not included

- Pros: very comfortable, works well as a base for add-on details later
- Cons: this PU material is softer than expected, i need to add padding later, or maybe some 3d printed part