Tips: How to Paint Cardboard Props (Shield) - by a Talented Viewer

A FB friend of mine, Cpj Cpj shared his Captain America's Shield on my FB wall, i like the paint job so much, i have to share with you all his painting tips. i think adding a :)

here's how he did it, in his words-

(a) cardboard "in natura"

(b) Acrylic wall filler (after sanding I seal it with PVA glue)

(c) Shining black painting

(d) Silver chrome painting (Aluminum for high temperature under chrome)

(e) Red/blue metallic paint. Varnish only over red/blue parts. ( Note: on the right, you can see the inside of my old shield. As you can see, I made a internal layer with radial parts for enhance resistance :) )

(f) Final result: Shield mounted! (over a radial back layer)

* All photos own by Cpj Cpj