Inventables give me their X-Carve for FREE!

few months ago, Michael from Inventables tweeted me, asked me to test out their latest carving machine X-Carve DIY kit, they'll send me the CNC carving machine kit for free.

to configure my machine, i went into inventables.com, i chose 500mm x 500mm because my apartment has limited space.

according to the introduction, this machine is customizable & upgradable, the "Fully Loaded" 500mm x 500mm i selected cost about 1,000 usd. you can also choose "Basic Kit" to save cost.
fully loaded: https://www.inventables.com/technologies/x-carve/customize#fully-loaded?ref=DaliLomo
basic kit: https://www.inventables.com/technologies/x-carve/customize#basic-kit?ref=DaliLomo

last month, the package finally arrived, my X-Carve DIY kit (500mm), so excited! :)

more info about XCarve: https://www.inventables.com/?ref=DaliLomo
interesting projects: https://www.inventables.com/projects/?ref=DaliLomo

Inventables based in Chicago, they ship worldwide, they give me the machine free, all i need to do is make a video about my experience & give my opinion.

so many first time in this project :)

first unboxing video, first time assembling a machine - i seldom use power tools, but this is easier than expected, just like building a LEGO/brick project.

i find that written instruction is more accurate & up to date. watch & read online instruction & video here: http://x-carve-instructions.inventables.com/step02/

assembling the machine:

i found this simple enough, i don't have any trouble here, maybe because i read all the instruction before i start, i also completed the 36 insertion nuts manually, without any power tools :)

wiring electronics:

to me, the electronics is slightly challenging, i couldn't find my soldering iron, so i skip some of the advance function, such as wiring the limit switch, soldering pins to gShiled & spindle control.

but do take note, the machine will works just fine without those 3 electronics, i can control the machine manually, such as turn on spindle manually. anyway i will upgrade it in the future.

and btw, the Inventables Forum is also very helpful, when i first power on the machine, i didn't install the Arduino correctly, but i found the solution by searching on their forum.

this machine is so badass, yes it is black! blend nicely in my batcave :)


i tested carving on cardboard, it doesn't came out as good as other user carving wood, but i will need to experiment more on how to carve soft material like foam, thick paperboard.

interesting X-Carve projects by others: https://www.inventables.com/projects

special thanks to Michael Una for contacting & offering me to try their X-Carve.
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