X-Men Magneto Costume Helmet DIY - Cardboard (with template)

how to make day of future past Magneto costume helmet, #cosplay

PDF template (A4): http://goo.gl/A8qZvK
PDF template (single): http://goo.gl/GIPgBs

  1. download, print & cut paper template
  2. trace on packing box cardboard, cut
  3. assembling with hot glue
  4. add cardboard support (head size)
  5. add cardboard details
  6. cover it with toilet paper, +PVA glue
  7. coat it with acrylic paint, purple & rusty iron red
  8. spray clear lacquer paint, for protection & rainproof
  9. black acrylic for aging & used effect
  10. dry-brush bronze/gold for highlight to give it metal finishing
youtube video: 

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