Iron Man: Pepakura - Helmet (with template)

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Let's kill some time over the weekend! This time we are making an Ironman helmet, you can easily find the pepakura 3D model online. Search for pepakura & ironman. There are quite a numbers of tutorial on youtube too.

I'm using the Mark 3 as model, but i think i'm not going to paint it red & yellow/gold, because i like the Mark 2 better.

Maybe next time i will make a Mark 1, since those battle scars are pretty cool too.

Pros: quite accurate, less messy
Cons: unable to estimate size until finished, easily crack without fiberglass resin (toxic)
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11. Shadow & Highlight - to make it looks realistic, add some battle scars. Finally clear spray to make it gloss.

10. Silver spray paint
9. (Weekend 3) Sandpaper - This is the most messy part, do it outside, otherwise your room will be covered with dust, do it when the filler's completely dry. Sand it smooth, for the minor spots & holes, repeat step 8, 9.

8. Putty filler - Finish applying putty filler, very rough but doesn't matter.
7. Putty filler - Here's the messy part, apply putty filler, apply as thick as like, because i'm gonna sand it later, as you can see the paper folding is kinda pointy.

6. (Weekend 2) Spray paint - I spray paint it for protection & make it stronger, some people use primer, some use fiberglass at the inside, but i just use whatever i have in my garage - black, hehe.
5. Tie up loose ends - Finally! it looks like a helmet, this is the last part you deal with paper, so glue them nicely, honestly it is stronger than i expected, nice!

4. Put them together - This part you might need to use some super glue, because you need it to really hold.

3. Glue - Glue them together with any water based glue, i used the cheapest (the one kindergarten kids using is good enough, also you can eat it when hungry, and less biohazard).

2. Cut & fold accordingly - I found that small plyer is very useful for folding some small part, i used siccor to cut, so i can cut it while watching tv :)

1. (Weekend 1) Pepakura - Print out the pepakura design on cards/ papers (14 pcs of A4).